CCAP Community Schools

During this next year of my life, I will be teaching in one of the schools that the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Synod of Zambia has created.  The CCAP Synod of Zambia has almost 30 schools in existence today, and they strive to provide an education to the children who cannot afford to go to government run schools.

The students who attend these schools are mainly orphans and vulnerable children who cannot pay for school fees and uniforms needed to attend the government schools.  The CCAP community schools educates students from preschool to 8th grade, and welcome all children despite their status or religious background.

The goal of the Education Department is to reduce illiteracy in church and society by improving the quality of teaching and administration at primary and secondary mission schools, increasing the enrollment of girls in primary and secondary schools, and improving infrastructure at targeted schools.

For more information about the CCAP Synod of Zambia and the community schools that they fund, click on the link to their website: Community Schools in Zambia Webpage