Support Me

My year in Zambia is sure to challenge me in many ways.  I am looking forward to what is to come, but I cannot do it without help.  There are different ways that you can support me during this time.

First, please send prayers and well wishes my way.  Knowing that I have a supportive community behind me will make this easier.

Second, follow me on my blog and walk alongside me on this journey.

Third, Young Adult Volunteers are not allowed to have a job during their year of service.  As a part of my commitment to the program, I am required to raise at least $4,000.00 to help support me during this time.  I need to raise $2,000.00 by 7/1/16 and the remaining $2,000.00 by 1/1/17.

Any additional funds raised will help support me, as well as other Young Adult Volunteers during their year of service.

You can give a tax-deductible contribution as a one-time gift or in installments over the course of my year of service. You may give online here.

Or, checks can be sent to:

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Remittance Processing

P.O. Box 643700

Pittsburg, PA 15264-370

It is very important to include on the memo line of the check Olivia Orth Zambia and my ECO# E210251, in order for your gift to be given to me.

Your generous support will help make it possible for me to serve as a Young Adult Volunteer, and I am so grateful.  I am so excited about serving as a Young Adult Volunteer and look forward to sharing my experiences with you periodically throughout the year. I ask that in the months ahead, you include me and the work that I will be doing in your prayers. And please keep up with my experience by reading my blog.